[mythtv-users] Bitrate issue with ISO playback?

Rick Nickle ricknickle at hotmail.com
Wed May 12 08:51:33 UTC 2010

I just put a new .ISO up, it's an animated feature film.  When I went to
play it, it did not stream correctly, there all kinds of blocky artifacts
and audio interference.  It occurred to me that it was some kind of
corruption of data put in place as part of a copy protection scheme.


I tried reripping it and got the same effect.  Out of curiosity I tried
reading the same video on my desktop which has a much faster processor and
video card.  It played fine in VLC on Windows 7.  Then I went to my primary
back end which has a fast CPU and a decent video card with a GPU.  It worked
fine there in Myth.


The front end I have hooked up to the TV (which is standard definition), is
running on an Intel D945GCLF2 Atom-330 based board with an Intel GMA 950
video chipset.  Is it feasible this thing isn't able to cut it?  I've
seriously considered getting an ION2 a few times but haven't gotten around
to it.




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