[mythtv-users] alsamixer not saving unmute setting for HDMI (fc12)

Robert Parker theparkers.mailbox at gmail.com
Tue May 11 18:09:48 UTC 2010

I recently changed from Fedora 10 (i386)  to 12 (x86_64) with MythTV
0.23 and found the following differences when using alsamixer:
* the items shown by alsamixer were slightly different  from fc10 to
fc12 even though the hardware is the same (Asrock ION). I think I
recall there was an item called IEC958 in fc10 that I had to unmute to
get HDMI to work. Now I have to unmute the item called "S/PDIF 1" for
HDMI to work
* any changes I made to alsamixer were lost after a reboot. I now have
to run "alsactl store" to remember the settings made in alsamixer.

Hope this is helpful to someone, btw my  $HOME/.asoundrc looks like this

 pcm.!default {
 type plug
 slave.pcm "hdmi"


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