[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu SaskTel IPTV

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Thu May 13 00:37:59 UTC 2010

On 12/05/2010 1:05 PM, greg at nodecam.com wrote:
>> interface "eth1" {
>>     # Note, no "routers" in this request. The default gateway for the IPTV
>>     # connection won't route internet traffic. So if we don't ask for one,
>>     # we don't lose our 'net access
>>     request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, time-offset, domain-name,
>> host-name;
>>     # The DNS server given to us is wrong, and will not look up any sites.
>>     # override this with one we know is good (In this case, the gateway
>> address
>>     # for eth0.
>>     supersede domain-name-servers;
> I suspect this is the source of your problem - that ip needs to be changed
> to a good dns server - very likely you have internet access but no name
> resolution.  You could confirm this by pinging a known ip address like say
> -  If you can get there, you're in good shape other than
> the bogus dns server.
> I've been working with Darwin off-list because I had outbound email
> problems from this account - if anyone finds this in the future, also
> provide the output from the "route" command, which helps to diagnose if
> the adapters are coming up in the right order, etc.

I thought that "Override this with one we know is good" implied "put a 
DNS server that you know is good here". At least, that what I thought 
when I put it there.

I'm the guy who wrote the guide, and I'm currently using Debian Etch (An 
old KnoppMyth build that's been hammered on and upgraded a few times).

If there's anything else you need to know, drop me a line.

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