[mythtv-users] Channel Scan fails and no EIT data

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Mon May 10 08:24:24 UTC 2010

	I beleive you could try a couple of things:

1.- Recompile v4l drivers as in http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-HVR-4000 said.
2.- Check signal with tzap, szap, etc.
3.- For DVB-S, i couldn't do a complete scan, but if i scan a single tuned transponder it scan all without problems.

I hope this could help you

On Lunes, 10 de Mayo de 2010 00:55:59 plainfaceboy escribió:
> I'm a relative newbie to mythtv, but set up a system in UK late last year on 
> Karmic koala 9.10 and mythtv 0.22.
> I'm using a HVR4000 TV card and got both DVB-T and DVB-S working with all 
> free channels and EIT working fine.
> Still had a few minor niggles, not got my remote working properly yet, but 
> all was fine - I could watch TV, and schedule recordings etc.
> I thought I'd lost my DVB-T (freeview) channels recently, and tried 
> rescanning to no avail. It turned out the aerial lead and fallen out the 
> back (D'Oh), but I then found that the channel scan was still failing with 
> it back in.
> I'd removed and re-added the DVB-T card when trying to fix so had to do this 
> rescan.
> I tried removing both the DVB-T and -S from the backend and setting it all 
> up again, but now both scans failed. I got the channels in again by 
> importing a previous scan but then I had no EIT/programme data on either. (I 
> did try using xmltv instead but this didn't seem to work either, and I was 
> happy enough with EIT before).
> I've tried several times to re-configure the card in the backend - did 
> finally get a DVB-S scan to work, but still no EIT data, and I seem to have 
> duplicate channels etc and can't watch any live.
> I've read a few things about the HVR4000 having some problems with a kernel 
> update (I'm on 2.6.31 - I'd originally tried upgrading 2.6.32 but had 
> problems) stopping scanning but couldn't find much else, and I don't know 
> how to check if this, or something else maybe causing the problems.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might fix this?
> Thanks.
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