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Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at comcast.net
Sun May 9 17:32:28 UTC 2010

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On 05/09/2010 08:00 AM, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Douglas Peale wrote:
>> How does one get vertical sync to work on MythTV?
>> I have set everything I can find to enable vertical sync to on. The
>> option in mythTV for openGL (only works with OpenGL which is currently
>> broken),
>>  the option in ATI Catalyst Control center (appears this only applies
>> to 3D graphics), and the option in CompizConfig Settings Manager (only
>> seems to apply to Compiz effects).
>> I used to have this working with OpenGL, but enabling OpenGL on Ubuntu
>> 10.04 causes MythFrontEnd to segmentation fault, so I had to select a
>> different renderer.
>> This is an i7 processor machine with an ATI HD4850 video card, so it
>> is not even close to maxing out the processor.
> My frontend uses an ATI chip, and vertical sync just works. I'm not
> using the ATI driver though, I'm using the xorg radeon driver.
> I did have a problem recently with vsync seemingly failing after
> an upgrade, but that turned out to be because of the radeon driver
> relying on another kernel module (DRM I think) now needing firmware
> files for the various chips.
> Paul.
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I don't use the OS ATI driver for two reasons: Google Earth is pathetic on the OS driver, and the OS driver does not work on 10.04.
When I updated to 10.04, I was unable to boot except in video safe mode until I installed the proprietary driver.
So at the moment, the OS ATI driver is not an option.
Also when I was using the OS ATI driver under 9.10, I also had video tearing due to vertical sync problems. That is part of the
reason I went back to the proprietary driver, so I could use OpenGL and fix that.

Video drivers are the source of the scariest type of bug: blank or garbage screen with an unresponsive keyboard (numlock does
not even light up). I have managed to recover from several instances of that with SSH from another machine, but it means that
video drivers are a dragon I don't like to tease.

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