[mythtv-users] Vertical sync

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Sun May 9 15:00:35 UTC 2010

Douglas Peale wrote:
> How does one get vertical sync to work on MythTV?
> I have set everything I can find to enable vertical sync to on. The option in mythTV for openGL (only works with OpenGL which is currently broken),
>  the option in ATI Catalyst Control center (appears this only applies to 3D graphics), and the option in CompizConfig Settings Manager (only seems to apply to Compiz effects).
> I used to have this working with OpenGL, but enabling OpenGL on Ubuntu 10.04 causes MythFrontEnd to segmentation fault, so I had to select a different renderer.
> This is an i7 processor machine with an ATI HD4850 video card, so it is not even close to maxing out the processor.

My frontend uses an ATI chip, and vertical sync just works. I'm not
using the ATI driver though, I'm using the xorg radeon driver.

I did have a problem recently with vsync seemingly failing after
an upgrade, but that turned out to be because of the radeon driver
relying on another kernel module (DRM I think) now needing firmware
files for the various chips.


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