[mythtv-users] Comcast just made things worse

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu May 6 15:53:29 UTC 2010

On Thursday 06 May 2010 09:39:19 am mythtv at derdev.com wrote:

> I am now talking to the wife about getting that "ugly" dish on the roof
> after all.  Comcast can bite me.

I have seen several clever and artistic jobs of modifying satellite dishes to 
look better, and even enhance the appearance of the building they are attached 
to. Camouflage designs seem to be popular around here.I also saw one with the 
local cable operator's logo with the universal circle and diagonal through it. 
They may get sued for unauthorized use of the (presumably copyrighted) logo, 
but I suspect the cable operator would not relish the publicity such an action 
would produce.

Look at the dish as an opportunity to express your creativity, not as a 

Don't forget to tell the cable company to get their gear off your property 
(assuming it's not in a legal easement, cable companies generally pay no 
attention to such matters).

If any of the now more expensive channels carry any religious content, you 
might complain that the cable operator is interfering with your right to 
worship in the manner you choose. I know one fellow in NJ who went that route, 
the cable company caved in like a house of cards in very short order. In fact 
I think that operator was Comcast, though it was over 20 years ago.

If you can make a case for "religious" channels being treated differently from 
other ones, you might make things more interesting.

> OT: I am also considering whether I want to short Comcast stock, but
> that's a dangerous game (are there enough people who won't put up with
> this?)

It would depend mightily on whether the NBC purchase goes through, though I'm 
not sure if you should short Comcast or NBC if it does.

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