[mythtv-users] MythWeb quits during Recorded Programs listing

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Wed May 5 20:40:10 UTC 2010

> I normally use an Intel-optimized version of Firefox on OS X. Safari
> also stalls the same way. links from within Linux brings up the page
> properly, but stalls on OS X. The is, I now believe, not due to
> anything within MythWeb or mythbackend per se, but due to an unrelated
> networking issue which I've noticed on my Macbook since upgrading to
> OS X 10.6.[1] Thanks for prompting me to experiment further.
> [1] For those curious: My router's DNS server is the only one in my
> home network. Since installing 10.6, my Macbook randomly fails to
> resolve local hostnames (those without a domain name), thinking they
> are external; an issue I've never seen on any of my Linux boxes or on
> OS X pre-10.6. This of course causes random DNS delays during the
> (very large) http session when loading Recorded Programs, and going to
> 1300 recordings from 1120 triggers some internal timeout elsewhere in
> the chain that causes Recorded Programs to fail to completely load.
Sounds like an issue with your MacBook rather than mythweb.

If it works fine with 1120 recordings but not with 1300, then it's not
likely to be a DNS issue as resolution is working fine.  More likely is
something like the MTU, routing, subnetting, etc.

Is your mac being configured by DHCP on your router, or did you configure it
statically?  Is your Mac properly negotiating the correct speed and duplex
settings, are they the same as your server?  Are both machines on the same
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