[mythtv-users] OT: Advice on choosing a TV

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Wed May 5 12:58:10 UTC 2010

Mike Holden wrote:
> Paul Gardiner wrote:
>> Sadly my old CRT (described by an engineer that once worked on it as
>> from the sweet spot) has started producing slightly muffled sound.
>> I'm thinking it might be time I moved to a flat panel. Is there any
>> reason a MythTv buff might not want to use a Panasonic Viera?
> No reason whatsoever!
>> Content is still going to be almost entirely PAL SD 576i for some
>> time, but I'd like to be ready for HD which is starting to be
>> rolled out via UK Freeview.
>> Any advice appreciated.
> I have a 42" plasma Viera Full HD (TXP42S10B), and am very happy
> with it. Upscaling of SD Freeview is brilliant, and it even does a
> reasonable job of the poor bitrate channels. Good bitrate channels
> look great.
> Mythtv plugs in via HDMI (not vdpau, but working on that), and sound
> is also sent via HDMI, although I initially set it up with analog
> stereo audio as alsa didn't support it for my card at the time (but
> does now).
> DVDs also look great, upscaled from an oldish dvd player via scart.
> Not gone HD yet, either for Freeview or Virgin Cable, or Bluray, but
> will look into it sometime.
> HD material from other sources looks fantastic.
> http://www.plasmatvreviews.org.uk/panasonic-plasma-tvs/panasonic-viera-txp42s10b-plasma-tv/
> (that's just the first google page that looked useful, there's lots
> of info around!)

Interesting. TX-P50G20B might be what I'm looking for.

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