[mythtv-users] How to ensure STB is on

Christian Szpilfogel chrisznews4 at rogers.com
Wed May 5 12:39:05 UTC 2010

On 05/05/2010 1:37 AM, Jerry Rubinow wrote:
> Ah, that is excellent.  Now I can understand how the commands are 
> formatted.  Using Mike's suggestion of the root menu, I was able to 
> use his code to reliably always set the STB to an on state.  The 
> command used is 00487C09.  So control command, subunit type 9, subunit 
> id 0, pass through (7C), operand root menu (9), followed by a second 
> quadlet set to 0.
ok. I was just chatting with Mike on IRC and I confirmed this is 
correct. 7C is the panel command effectively to emulate button presses 
on the front panel (or remote). Most of the commands do need the 2nd 
quadlet even if there are no parameters. My SA boxes failed to respond 
to them (other than channel change) but it appears the Motorola boxes 
are friendlier.

The rest of the commands are in avc1394.h under the panel section of 
definitions. If you use the root_menu command when the STB is not 
showing the "press menu" then it probably shows the menu so you may also 
want to follow this with EXIT which I think is x0D. I would expect EXIT 
is benign if you are at the idle screen.

> I was unable to get a status that different between when the unit was 
> on and when it was off.
It is probably always on then as suggested by someone else.
> I was able to google a version 3.0 of that document, which has 
> sections on descriptors and commands for obtaining them.  Looks like 
> this might allow you to enumerate subunits and discover other info 
> about them.  At this point I haven't had a chance to read that section 
> carefully.
Jerry can you send me a link, please. Perhaps my google-fu is off.

If you can confirm which code sequences work, I can update the code to 
make it more generic. However you look capable, so feel free to make the 
changes and I can include it. I'm fine either way.


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