[mythtv-users] How to ensure STB is on

M.A.E.M. Hanson hansonorders at verizon.net
Wed May 5 00:01:31 UTC 2010

> Interesting theory. If true though (that is, if there is video of a
> screen saver being output), how come my HD-PVR records a 0-length
> file when the box is pseudo-off? I don't have my box hooked directly
> to a tv, so I can't test to see if this is true for my STB. Hm, I
> wonder if this is a setup/configuration option?
> Can you point me at info about how to send a MENU command? I'd be
> happy to mod 6200ch if I understood the protocol.

I'm at a loss for why your HD-PVR records zero bytes.  Maybe I'm way off
in my line of thinking?  I tested my QIP-6200 (remotely via ssh and VNC)
a little while ago and I found that if the menu is on (that is, the box
is "off"), the channel change via 6200ch fails, but recordings via the
HD-PVR still record--they just record the screen saver.  I put together
a quick and dirty patch for 6200ch that adds support for the "-q" switch
that sends the ROOT_MENU command to the QIP-6200.  You can find it here:


This is against the 6200ch.c posted on the wiki.  Apply and recompile.
I tested it and it does indeed send the correct MENU command to the STB.
  However, I have not worked out a way to have it detect that the MENU
command needs to be sent.


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