[mythtv-users] Upgraded system and now lirc won't work

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Tue May 4 00:48:24 UTC 2010

> Hi list,
> I just upgraded my fedora 12 system using yum update.  Along with the
> new myth packages, I also had a lot of system upgrades including my
> kernel to  After doing a reboot, lirc won't
> work (version lirc-0.8.6-6.fc12.i686).
> I believe lirc is loading.  I see this in dmesg:
> [root at localhost ~]# dmesg |grep lirc
> lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 249
> lirc_it87 00:0c: lirc_dev: driver lirc_it87 registered at minor = 0
> lirc_it87: found IT8712.
> lirc_it87: I/O port 0x0310, IRQ 5.
> lirc_it87: Installed.
> lirc_i2c: chip 0x0 found @ 0x18 (Hauppauge IR)
> i2c ir driver 1-0018: lirc_dev: driver lirc_i2c registered at minor = 1
> When I run irw, I get this in /var/log/messages:
> May  3 11:35:34 localhost lircd-0.8.6[1819]: accepted new client on
> /var/run/lirc/lircd
> May  3 11:35:56 localhost lircd-0.8.6[1819]: removed client
> However, I get no output on the console when running irw and hitting
> buttons.
> My setup is a pvr-350 receiver attached to a pvr-350 card.  Everything
> was running fine when I rebooted and I did not touch the box, so I am
> sure it is a software and not a hardware issue.
> Thanks

What do you have in /etc/sysconfig/lirc

And do those devices exist?

I recently upgraded from Mythdora 10.21 (aka Fedora 10) to Mythdora 12.23
(aka Fedora 12) and /dev/hiddev1 moved to /dev/usb/hiddev1

I also have the update the LIRC socket file name has changed to
/var/run/lirc/lircd , so you will need to update MythTV Settings ->
General from /dev/lircd ->/var/run/lirc/lircd and then restart

as suggested on http://www.mythdora.com/?q=node/5298



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