[mythtv-users] VDPAU 9300 vs 9400 ?

Christopher Kerr mythtv at theseekerr.com
Mon May 3 14:42:18 UTC 2010

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 12:20 AM, Ed W <lists at wildgooses.com> wrote:
> I believe that I would need to go to a 240 to actually get something
> usefully better than an 8400gt? However, a quick search suggests that this
> is a 70W ish power consumption part, so it's quite a significant item to
> cool...

No, a GT220 is sufficient to playback 1080i content with the Advanced
2x deinterlacer. It's 3D performance isn't much better than a
8/9400GT, but it's notably better for VDPAU.

The GT240 is a bit of a weird product - its closest relative is the 2
and a half year old 8800GT, being essentially the same but
manufactured on new processes that allow for lower power draw. Point
is, it's a light-gaming card, not an HTPC card.

- Chris

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