[mythtv-users] channel changing issue

David Gesswein djg at pdp8online.com
Sun May 2 14:36:17 UTC 2010

> directv.pl or channel change via usb sends me to histHD not the SD
> channel.. the ir remote works fine.. would like to
> tell via directv.pl to send code to go to the SD version if possible. 
I'm not sure a good solution to this exists. I don't have a HD box
so I can't test anything myself. I added to the script
setup_channel_sd_hd which queried the signal strength to see if
it got a channel. From what I understand later firmware made it report
a non zero signal strength for the HD channels it won't display so this
no longer works. You can try it and get_signal to see if you can find
any way to tell if its tuned a valid channel. If you can find any way the
script can tell its not on the channel version you need I can change
the script.

Can you tune directly to the SD version using the ##.# channel format 
(using remote or script from command line) or do you need to change to the 
channel then hit channel up? If you can tune directly you may be able to 
change the myth channel number. I'm not sure what if any side effects 
that will have.

The last option it to put a translate table in the script to convert
the channel number to the correct sequence to select the channel. Somebody
else did this for their setup. I can put a table in the script but you
will have to enter the correct values since it will be specific to your
directv package.

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