[mythtv-users] Upgrade to 0.23 menu navigation and content playback of .ISO DVD images seems to hang frontend

Rick Nickle ricknickle at hotmail.com
Sun May 2 14:17:46 UTC 2010

I upgraded successfully (it went pretty smoothly, I had a few issues that
made me think it wasn't going to work, but in the end, I got it going.)  I
have a primary BE/FE, a secondary BE/FE, and a laptop FE.


The symptom is that when I load an .ISO, the menus are not completely
rendered.  Usually (but not always), the initial content before the menu
will play (copyright notices, warnings, etc.) but when it gets to the menu,
I have a blank screen with the selected title element (e.g., "Play Movie" or
"Scene Selection".)


I thought it might be my data organization.  I had all my content on CIFS
mounts (SMBFS) from 3 NAS boxes.  I changed this to NFS and got the same
results.  One peculiar thing I do is that in order to impose a hierarchy
when I have things distributed on multiple disk units, I have a 'linking
tree' of symbolic links.  I'll try to wash this out of the equation by just
getting a local copy over.


The linking tree I'm talking about looks like this:


Childrens/Kids Cartoons.iso => mnt/nas1/ISO/Kids Cartoons.iso

Drama/Old Movie.iso => mnt/nas2/ISO/Old Movie.iso


The ISO directories on the nas boxes are just flat, they have no subdirs.  I
create the subdirs on the linking tree on the left side of the diagram.


Should I move off a stable build and take nightlies or some other cadence? 


Is this a know problem?  I can't seem to see any debug info.
/proc/<pid>/status for the frontend is in Sleep state.  I can't see anything
really gating it.  I suppose the next step might be to apply gdb to it.


I saw two other messages with people who seemed to be having similar
problems, but I haven't heard anything else, that's why I'm describing my
configuration with the files, maybe I'm doing something wrong (but it was
working okay with 0.22!)


Thanks!  Good work on the smooth upgrade.



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