[mythtv-users] Possible to do HDMI audio with BFG GT 220 Rev B?

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Mon Mar 29 05:43:58 UTC 2010

Ozzy Lash wrote:
> Fry's had a good deal (if the rebate comes through) on a BFG GT 220 1Gig
> card.  Looking at the box it prominently said it had HDMI out, so I got
> one.  When I got it home I noticed it had a DVI to HDMI adapter in the box,
> and thought that was a bit strange, until I tried to plug an HDMI cable into
> what I thought was the HDMI port built into the card.  I then realized that
> the onboard ports are DVI, VGA, and Display Port.  So now I wonder if the
> HDMI can carry sound since it is plugged into the DVI port through an
> adapter.  The documentation that came with the board is pretty sparse, and
> the BFG web site isn't a lot better. The Rev A version of the card did have
> HDMI on the board instead of Display Port.
> It isn't a big deal, I can use the SPDIF out of the motherboard, just
> curious more than anything.

Nope.  DVI doesn't have the lines for audio, which electrically, is the
only real difference between HDMI and DVI.

I saw that card in the advert, and after I went looking at the specs on
the BFG website, I decided against it (looking at the selection on
newegg now, same cards, same 'out the door price', no need to drive a
half hour to get it).  I'm glad I did now with what you have reported.

Keep in mind that from what I have been able to find online, the NVidia
cards can not bitstream DTS HD or Dolby True HD, but convert it to 7.1
LPCM, quite like the 'fat' PS3.  Somewhat frustrating as the current
batch of ATI cards can bitstream the HD audio.  Might be an issue for
you if you are watching anything with those audio codecs on your myth

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