[mythtv-users] Motherboards that support suspend to RAM (s2ram)

Keith Edmunds kae at midnighthax.com
Fri Mar 19 22:26:07 UTC 2010

I have an MSI Media Live box that runs as a Myth front end. It PXE
boots and uses a read-only NFS share from the main server, all of which
means it is perfectly safe to power off without any shutdown script. I
even have the remote configured to do that: press the power button,
click, front end powered off.

But it takes about 90 seconds to boot, not good for the WAF.

So I'd like to suspend to RAM, which should be much quicker to resume
than a cold boot. But the motherboard in the MSI Media Live doesn't
support s2ram.

So I'm after recommendations for a Micro ATX motherboard that supports
suspend to RAM. Yes, there are other requirements too, but the s2ram
one is the one that that manufacturers don't seem to detail in their


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