[mythtv-users] Error in italian translation

federico.ferri at yahoo.it federico.ferri at yahoo.it
Fri Mar 12 14:29:14 UTC 2010

The label "This showing is being recorded." is to indicate a program not 
recorded yet, but it will be,  not in the "current" selection, but with 
another schedule.

The italian translate mean that the program is recording just now....who 
doesn't know this (and my wife usually forgets) make you to go and check 
if it's recording...

A better translation should be:
"Questo programma Ŕ giÓ programmato per essere registrato"

the literal english translate is:
"This show is already scheduled to be recorded"

i souppose this is the right meaning.

Do you agree? especially italian people...

should i open a ticket?

Bye FF

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