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Tue Mar 2 21:44:24 UTC 2010

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Well I do not plan to go RAID any time soon, but it is possible in the distant future. So the WD Green 1.5 is just not working in a RAID setup? 
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There seem to be plenty of people for whom they work just fine. On the other hand, when I built my machine (Oct '09) there were an awful lot of people who were having all sorts of problems. I came across a lot of people trying to use them in NAS boxes (i.e. linux software RAID, mostly) where they would find that a drive would just drop out of the array at random. That was apparently due to WD error checking (TLER) timeouts. There is an unsupported utility to disable TLER, but that didn't work with my drive's firmware version - presumably by intent. I found that the time_write would gradually increase, resulting in 100% iowait on one cpu, effectively locking up the machine until I reset it. Then it would be OK again for a couple of days. 

It is quite possible that WD have resolved these issues in recent firmware, just as Seagate seem to have done for the problems they had with RAID. 


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