[mythtv-users] I thought I understood HDMI audio, but...

Calvin Harrigan charriglists at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 28 14:01:41 UTC 2010

On 6/27/2010 5:51 PM, Don Brett wrote:
> I just bought a Vizio E421VA at Sams, and I'm having trouble
> understanding the HDMI and audio parts. I thought the video signal was
> on the HDMI cable and the audio was on a separate audio cable (rca
> connector style). As I understand it, integrated video and audio on HDMI
> is just happening now with some of the latest nvidia boards.
> I was planning to use the two cable solution, but the TV doesn't seem to
> work that way. I asked Vizio tech support, and they expected to have the
> signal integrated. Their instruction manual shows the two cable method,
> but it didn't work (HDMI #2 is mated with the PC audio connector). How
> should it work?
> PS - I didn't notice it at first, but all the HD TVs at Sam's were
> running with the component inputs...kind of ironic.
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After reading your posts in this thread, I think you've come across a 
problem that's been discussed several times before.  In a nutshell, your 
video card (drivers) is seeing the tv as being able able to handle hdmi 
audio so it enables the audio channel of the stream, which then causes 
the tv to switch from the rca inputs to the hdmi's audio stream.  The 
problem is that there is no audio coming in, though the audio channel is 
open.  You can either get the audio into the stream by using the header 
or integrated audio device on the video card or do what many have done 
and disable the hdmi audio channel in the data stream.  If I remember 
correctly, there are several steps.  First was to extract the EDID info 
from the tv using the nvidia-settings program, then editing it to 
remove/disable the audio information and then pointing the xorg.conf 
file to the newly edited file for the tv information.  I'm doing this 
from the top of my head so please forgive any errors.  Search the list 
for references to EDID, nvidia-settings, manual hdmi configuration, etc.

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