[mythtv-users] another scheduling mishandling

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Thu Jun 24 13:50:58 UTC 2010

I seem to have a different issue with scheduling where I don't think the
scheduler is scheduling optimally.

I have 4 analog tuners (PVR-x50 cards) and one digital (clearqam) tuner
which I have configured to record up to 3 stations (i.e. on a
multiplex).  The digital clearqam channels are duplicates of the analog
ones and as such I have set the callsigns the same and I have also
increased the tuner priority for the digital tuner to 10 to try to get
the digital copy of a program where it's showing on both digital and

Tonight at 9pm there are two shows I want to record, The Office and
Rookie Blue.  The scheduler has decided to put The Office on an analog
tuner and Rookie Blue on the digital tuner.  It could have however, put
both shows on the digital tuner if it would just select a different
station for the Rookie Blue showing, as it and The Office are being
shown on the same multiplex.  To demonstrate:

C2      The Office               5 - WGRZ             09:00 PM 30 mins	
        Rookie Blue: Fresh Paint 3 - Global Toronto   09:00 PM 1 hr
        Rookie Blue: Fresh Paint 9 - WWTI             09:00 PM 1 hr
Earlier Rookie Blue: Fresh Paint 936 - WWTI           09:00 PM 1 hr
Earlier Rookie Blue: Fresh Paint 555 - The Acc. Chan. 09:00 PM 1 hr
D1      Rookie Blue: Fresh Paint 3 - Global Toronto   09:00 PM 1 hr

As you could guess C2 is the analog tuner and D1 is one of the (logical)
digital tuners.  Both WGRZ and WWTI are on the same multiplex on digital
on channels 11 and 936 (respectively) and on analog on channels 5 and 9
(respectively).  I have ensured I have no channel priorities in place.
But that makes me wonder, do I in fact want to increase the priority of
the digital versions of channels?

I do have Reschedule Higher Priorities disabled in an effort to get
"best fit" per the other ongoing thread.  Changing that either way
didn't seem to make a difference.

mythbackend -v schedule --testsched output can be found at:
http://brian.interlinx.bc.ca/testsched if anyone cares to take a look.



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