[mythtv-users] Testing UTF-8

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Mon Jun 21 19:15:29 UTC 2010

> It's pretty academic though unfortunately as I'm not going to try an
> upgrade as at the moment I can't undo it if it goes wrong now.  I don't
> quite understand how a table that doesn't allow duplicates can have
> duplicates in it?

Given the lack of any other ideas, I've upgraded to 0.23 but not let Gentoo 
keep old libraries back as part of its preserved-rebuild, and lo and behold it 

Still have multiple entries in it.  I notice that whenever text appears 
anywhere in the application that's supposed to have an accent on it, or other 
extended character, it isn't visible.  It never has been.  Is this correct? 

I also can't see which of the duplicates are correct as mysql set to latin1 
can't differ between them.

Does setting the locale affect either the front or backend?


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