[mythtv-users] Edit or create transponder screen not visible/working

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Mon Jun 21 15:32:32 UTC 2010

I found that I'm unable to edit or create a transponder!

I have three sources: 
DVBT using eit (Nova T 500)
DVBS using eit (Nova S+)
DVBS2 using xmltv (Nova HD S2 & Satix dual S2 v2)

I can create or edit transponders fine for the DVBT & DVBS sources but for the DVBS2 source I get the edit transponder screen but with an empty box where the edit fields should be, just back & finish buttons at the bottom, most odd. If I create a new transponder it appears in the list but all fields are empty, I've deleted the empty transponder in case it causes some issue.

I'm running 0.23.0+fixes25145-0ubuntu2 on 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 from JYA's Lucid repo, although I've recently switched from the mythbuntu auto builds for 0.23-fixes and I had the problem back then. I thought it would fix itself when I had chance to do a full tuned scan but it hasn't.

I've run database check, extended check and optimise from Mythweb, no change and apart from this everything is working well. It's only a problem because there are a lot of changes at 28E (ITV HD for example) over the last few months and I like to re-scan the transponders to see what I can get, a full scan takes hours so I prefer to just scan the transponder that's just changed or manually add just the new transponder, using the tuned scan triggers a full scan since 0.23 I found.

I'm considering deleting the troublesome source and re-adding but I'm concerned that I will lose the channel correlation in 6.5TB of recordings, I'd rather not!

Anyone seen or heard of this before?

Any suggestions for a fix?



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