[mythtv-users] MythVideo Metadata not in English

agraham agraham at g-b.net
Sat Jun 19 20:05:30 UTC 2010

Hi all,

After upgrading to mythtv-0-23 (svn updated) when I add Movies to 
MythVideo all metadata is collected (from tmdb I think) in non-english 
and there does not appear to be an option to change the local.

Previous versions (upto 0-22) did not have this problem.

On the "Video Metadata Settings" screen the only option that appears to 
work is "Allocine Query pv2.05) by Xavie...".

Another option is "The subdirectory "tmdb" Contai" hae know idea what 
this is trying to say due to the fact it has been abbrivated

(which is very annoying considering there is lots of space on the screen 
to but the full string)

Anyone know how to set it back to English ?


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