[mythtv-users] Prevent Recordings of "Live TV" from Splitting, Etc

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Mon Jun 14 16:13:48 UTC 2010

Fred... I do not have access to listings data in MythTV, despite trying
several combinations in mythtv-setup, but Watch TV does display how many
minutes remain until the nearest half hour. This suggests that MythTV
and the guide on my cable box are "talking" to each other at some level.
Of course, I have access to listings data on the cable box itself. If I
play a previously recorded show on my cable box on top of an hour-long
show on an unencrypted channel, MythTV splits content on the 30 of that
hour. I've even tried playing a previously recorded show on top of an
unencrypted channel whose listing on the cable box is one continuous,
never-ending block; MythTV still splits my programming on the 00s and

Is there a method for totally disabling listings capabilities in MythTV?
Maybe there is a preference file somewhere that I could edit manually
with a text editor to prevent splitting?

PS: Sorry to everyone for the formatting errors in my most recent post
before this one; that's what I get for composing the post in a word
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