[mythtv-users] Good card for VDPAU high quality?

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Fri Jun 11 02:30:46 UTC 2010

I have a couple n210-md512h in my Mythfrontends.  I got them because 
they were cheap, fanless VDPAU C cards and do 5.1 audio (which works 
with F12 and the alsa drivers from atrpms).  For the most part they've 
worked well but I'm only able to get playback with VDPAU normal.  The 
picture is  generally pretty good but I can see some very faint 
horizontal lines, particularly when there is a lot of motion.  If I 
switch to VDPAU high quality they seem to go away and there is a 
noticeable improvement in picture quality.... but it stutters a little.  
I'm thinking of buying better 220 or better cards to replace them.  Can 
anyone suggest something decent?  I'd like:

   1. Must work well with VDPAU High Quality (duh)
   2. Something that runs cooler.  I know I'm looking at a fan but if
      it's quiet that's ok.
   3. Must have HDMI out and work with a Samsung DLP and LCD (I've read
      cards/TV are having issues)
   4. Must have *working* 5.1 audio or better.  By working I mean work
      under Fedora 12 + alsa-driver from Atrpms...  I just want to grab
      an RPM for my kernel, I'm not compiling alsa every time.  Without
      this I can't watch my H.264/ACC content.
   5. Prefer if it was under $100

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