[mythtv-users] Capture card / Myth Upgrade Question

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Tue Jun 8 16:20:55 UTC 2010

Hi All, I'm in the process of retiring a FC6 based Myth 0.20 b/e system 
and migrating to a Centos 5.5 Myth 0.23 system.

I have copied the video files and restored the original database onto 
the new hardware. I have a spare capture card in there right now, but my 
plan is to move the cards from the original machine over to the new 
configuration once my testing is complete. The new machine will also 
have a different hostname.

I ran a test of my migration today with the spare capture card in the 
new hardware.

It seemed to go fairly well although it was looking for the capture 
cards in the original master b/e. As a test I deleted all the capture 
cards from the new one and set up just the spare in there. It's a 
DVB-500 and I didn't bother connecting an antenna or getting it to scan 
for channels or download the EPG.

I noticed that while the recordings appeared to be there the scheduled 
recording listings were empty. Will those come back when I move the 
original capture cards over and let them download the EPG off-air?

I was looking for pointers to FAQ's about this is drew a blank.



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