[mythtv-users] Prevent Recordings of "Live TV" from Splitting, Etc

Craig Cook cncook001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 12:41:13 UTC 2010

>Watch TV is 
automatically splitting these recordings on the 00 and 30 of 
hour (like it thinks that I'm recording multiple 30 minute blocks 
>of live TV).

Are you sure Mythtv is actually doing the split?  Could your cable DVR store it's recordings in 30 min segments?  When it plays back something it just puts 2 x 30 min segments and it looks like it recorded a 1hr chunk as one file?  It may store small files since it is more efficient for it to deal with?

If it is in 2 x 30min segments myth would see a brief pause between them...

Can you record a show on your cable DVR that starts at 5:55pm and ends at 7:05pm?

I have no way to test this idea, just another thought.



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