[mythtv-users] Prevent Recordings of "Live TV" from Splitting, Etc

tosds9 at gmail.com tosds9 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 07:35:36 UTC 2010

Thanks for correcting my understanding of "capture card"! :-)

I've tried capturing using Kino, both as a standard user and as root,
but Kino doesn't see the cable box. The dvgrab package is installed. I
get the following output when running sudo dvgrab in the command line:
Found AV/C device with GUID 0x002180fffef58a1c "" 0.00 MiB 0 frames
Capture Stopped Error: no DV.

There's no /dev/video0 on my laptop, and running sudo /dev/dv1394/0 >
best_of_the_best_s01e01.mpg resulted in output saying that /dev/dv1394
"is a directory". A process ran in Terminal when I entered sudo
cat /dev/dv1394/0 > best_of_the_best_s01e01.mpg into the command line,
but there was now output and when I closed the Terminal the resulting
file had a size of 0 MB (i.e. it was empty). Incidentally, I cannot find
any evidence in System => Preferences => Multimedia Selector that Ubuntu
sees my cable box as a video device.

I'm reasonably sure that, if properly configured, VLC could capture from
my cable box... There's a PVR option in the "Capture Mode" drop-down
within Media => Open Capture Device. Thus far, every combination I've
tried there has resulted in an error.

Obviously, further ideas regarding solutions to this issue would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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