[mythtv-users] No EPG data on DVB-T

Sean mythtv at bigswifty.co.uk
Wed Jun 2 07:26:09 UTC 2010

Josu Lazkano wrote:
> Thanks!!! It works!!!

Excellent news :) congratulations,

> I config just one adapter with passive scan, and I can see programs
> info (I reset video sources first). I have some questions.
> 1. If I dont use any XML grabber, don't I need to execute mythfilldatabase?

Apparently not! (although i didnt realise this until very recently)

> 2. Which is the real difference between active and passive scan? Both
> take info on LiveTV?
> 3. Is prefereble to config both adapter (dual tuner) with passive scan?
> 4. What does "open on the demand" means? I must enable? 
> Thanks for all your help, I relive my tuner.

I will leave these for the experts to answer (and will be interested in the 
answers) as i am only just starting to find my way around Myth and its 
behaviours myself.


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