[mythtv-users] Opinions on Solid State Drives for Myth ???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jul 27 19:50:37 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 01:15:33 pm Clay wrote:

> > 
> > I have a couple of Compact Flash to SATA adapters, but I don't have a
> > 40GB (or larger) CF card or Microdrive. I'm booting my frontend from a
> > Hitachi 4GB Microdrive with one of these adapters and it works fine...
> hmmm... I have 2 of those Hitachi Microdrives left over from when I
> swapped them out for 32GB CF cards in my MuVoČ MP3 players.
> Don't s'pose they'd be any good for a Master Backend/ Frontend combo box.
> MicroRAID array anyone?

There was a long thread on the NSLU2 (aka SLUG) mailing list a while back about RAID systems using flash, at the time the 
consensus was that the Microdrives were better than flash CF cards, but I forget the details.

On the subject of the slugs, I set one up to run Debian from a flash drive and intentionally did everything "wrong". I did 
not mount with noatime, I used swap on the flash device itself, essentially everything everyone says not to do.

My idea was to see how long the flash device it would last before failing, running Debian as a media server. It's been over 
3 years and it still runs fine, no apparent wear problems with the flash stick at all.

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