[mythtv-users] Opinions on Solid State Drives for Myth ???

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 27 19:15:33 UTC 2010

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 11:15:35 am Another Sillyname wrote:
>> On 27 July 2010 18:11, Robert Longbottom <RobertCL at iname.com> wrote:
>> > On 27/07/2010 17:51, Joseph Fry wrote:
>> >> I'm seeing 40GB SSDs for around $100.
>> >> 
>> >> 40GB is enough for an OS and Myth itself (not video storage).
>> >> ...
>> >> 
>> >> So far I can't see anything that would justify using an SSD, but perhaps
>> >> someone else can.
>> > 
>> > I doubt you'll find a good justification, mythtv simply won't see much,
>> > if any, benefit running on an SSD.  There are other, cheaper, ways to
>> > achieve all of the advantages that an SSD might offer.  Namely silent
>> > operation and low power use/heat generation.  So, sorry, can't give you
>> > an excuse to buy one.
>> > 
>> > I'd have thought just buying a cheap USB stick and using that would be
>> > just as good as using as SSD and much cheaper....
>> > 
>> > I run the Mythbuntu liveCD from a USB stick to turn my work laptop into a
>> > secondard frontend and it boots in <30s to the desktop, then I just have
>> > to run the frontend.
>> > 
>> > If it "wears out" the USB stick, I'll just get another one, it was only
>> > £10.
>> + 1 for Roberts suggestion and if you want to get really funky put
>> parted magic on the same stick and you have a complete repair kit
>> wherever you go.
> You mean like my FSF Membership Card/Boot drive?
> I have a couple of Compact Flash to SATA adapters, but I don't have a 40GB (or larger) CF card or Microdrive. I'm booting 
> my frontend from a Hitachi 4GB Microdrive with one of these adapters and it works fine...

hmmm... I have 2 of those Hitachi Microdrives left over from when I 
swapped them out for 32GB CF cards in my MuVo≤ MP3 players.
Don't s'pose they'd be any good for a Master Backend/ Frontend combo box.
MicroRAID array anyone?

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