[mythtv-users] S-video/nvidia problems

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Mon Jul 26 16:03:11 UTC 2010

On Mon, July 26, 2010 3:41 pm, Tyler T wrote:
>> The nvidia driver does autodetection on startup.  The TV has to be on
>> and
>> the s-video cable connected when you boot the system.
> I can confirm this with my NVidia 8400 GS. If S-Video is not attached
> at power-on, I get no output from the card (though my TV doesn't need
> to be turned on... YMMV).

My TV depends on the power saver setting; if I set it to "fast on" it
doesn't have to be on as it keeps all inputs 'hot'.  OTOH if I set the TV
to "power save" it shuts down all inputs and the card won't see the TV at

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