[mythtv-users] hd-pvr problem recording audio after firmware update

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 01:14:31 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 8:42 PM, JWA <jwa at macbidouille.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 17:07, Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com> wrote:
> > John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> says:
> >> y best guess based on this info, is that the HD-PVR is trying to
> >> record the audio from the RCA jacks instead of the S/PDIF.  I wonder
> >> if the new firmware requires some sort of protocol change in setting
> >> up the capture inputs.
> >
> > John, as a HD-PVR user I've not seen a single S/PDIF-recording failure
> > in almost two weeks and many dozens of recordings using the
> > firmware (just as I didn't before then), except, occasionally, when
> > using Live TV. However, I have always used your #6719 and #6611
> > patches with said firmware. The new firmware may be more
> > timing-sensitive when tuning, or JWA may simply have been unlucky in
> > this regard post-firmware upgrade.
> >
> > JWA, assuming you are not in a position to compile said patches into
> > your Ubuntu packages, try inserting a brief pause at the end of your
> > channel-changing script with 'sleep 1' or 'sleep 1.5'.
> Right now I am just using /bin/true, as I was having problems with the
> hdpvr locking up while using lirc for blasting (and I have no firewire
> port).  But I will try creating a script to test it out.
> _______________________________________________


I am seeing pretty much the identical problem.  I have a DCX3200, and my
HD-PVR goes unstable if I change channels with the IR blaster.  It records
the first show, and then, after that, all recording fail.  If I turn off
channel changes (which I've been doing by removing module lirc_zilog, not
by removing the channel change script from the setup menu), it records
without incident.  Too bad the STB is delivering the wrong content :(

Anyway, I don't have a firewire card yet (got one in the mail), but I was
hopeful this problem might be strictly related to the IR channel changer.
 Now, I'm not so sure.  Could this be a problem with this particular STB?
 Maybe I'll swap this DCX3200 out for the older more clunky Motorola (6xxx,
I think).
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