[mythtv-users] MythMusic interface

Gabe Rubin gaberubin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 21:33:28 UTC 2010

Hi List,

I have always wondered if there was a better way for MythMusic's
interface.  Unless you have a keyboard, it is pretty clunky to
navigate through the music, particularly if you have a sizable
collection.  Typically, what I do is just use random until something I
like pops up and then I play that album.

Last night, I installed the iTunes remote on my iPhone and was amazed
at how easy this interface is to use but my issues with using iTunes
as opposed to MythMusic is that my windows computer is connected via
RCA cables, giving me awful buzzing and I really like have the
visualizations on my tv, which is impossible with iTunes.

So, my question is, are there any plans to improve the interface for
MythMusic?  I could see a great web-based frontend that allows you to
select music to play over mythmusic.  Even better would be an iPhone
app similar to Apple's Remote, although I realize that leaves a lot of
people without iPhones out.  Or, are there other solutions I can use
and install on my mythbox that gives me this functionality?  Is mp3act
something I should look into to get this functionality (minus the
visualization part)?

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