[mythtv-users] Expert Search not shows in Custom Rules window

Federico Ferri federico.ferri at yahoo.it
Fri Jul 16 20:53:08 UTC 2010

I reply to my own mail because i've still have got the problem, even if i update mythtv to others version (now to trunk 25326, compiled with a make distclean).

I try to explain my problem clearly:
i don't see my "Custom rules" or "Record by keywords" rules in the "Recording Rules" page.
I see only the others ones.

I hope you could help me or tell if it's works for you.
thank you.

Bye, bye!!!

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Oggetto: [mythtv-users] Expert Search not shows in Custom Rules window
Data: lunedý 28 giugno 2010, 23:22:56
Da: Federico Ferri <federico.ferri at yahoo.it>
A: Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>

I don't' know if it's a bug, a new behaviour, or what else, but in the trunk 
version 25187 i don't see one of the rules i had create on december.

In the log (mythfrontend -v database) it retrives 9 rows, but in the Custom 
Rules window i see only 8 row.

The rule in on and active, in fact the relative programs will be recorded.

Thank you, Federico

ps: I attach my record table dump.

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