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> Matt Goebel <matt at goebelnet.com> says:
> > It seems that *randomly* audio does not work, on a per channel
> > basis.  When watching live TV audio will work on some channels but
> > not others.
> I saw this sometimes with the previous firmware version, too. I would
> not worry about it unless it happens in a recording (which never has
> for me).
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Well I returned from the business trip and updated by HD-PVR end of last

It appears it did NOT solve the issue with the Dishnetwork ViP 722k and
"Audio Sync" problem (which is actually the video being recorded at 30 fps).

Every morning when the dishnetwork box updates it goes to "sleep" which is
more like a screensaver. I have my change channel script press "Select" to
wake up the box followed by a 5 sec pause. However every evening after it
goes to sleep after the update unless I run a script the HDPVR records at
30fps which causes the audio drift issue. There is no way to disable the
Dishnetwork update in the current firmware.

The script I used to solve the problem was in this post:

My box updates at 3am every morning, I have a cron job at 3:58am to run the
script he provided.

I haven't had a lockup since end of last week, however I have my HDPVR on a
lamp timer which kills power to the device for 1 min at 3:40 am to reboot
it. So I rarely had that problem, however with the old firmware, about once
a month, I would still get a freeze even doing the daily reboots of the

So as far as I am concerned, so far this has fixed no issues for me, unless
the freezing stops.
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