[mythtv-users] Many new dvd's not working

Charles Wright cpwright at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 22:35:56 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 11:54 AM, Alan Murrell <lists at murrell.ca> wrote:
> On 07/11/2010 08:09 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
>> Ripping the main title to h264 in an MKV container saves a lot of space,
>> due to better compression and no fluff. Granted
>> disk space is cheap, but it's surprising how fast a 1 TB drive can fill
>> up.
> I hadn't actually started ripping my DVDs to hard disk just yet (with a
> couple of exceptions); part of the problem was finding tools within Linux
> that could deal reliabily with the newer discs to rip them to hard disk so i
> could then use something like HandBrake (my preferred tool) to get them down
> to what I consider a more reasonable size :-)
I end up ripping the entire ISO using ddrescue, and then using
HandBrake to extract the main title (after figuring out what it
actually is using VLC).  I keep the ISO in case I ever want to
reencode or the like (I have the DVDs, but my children are not kind to
the physical disks so ripping it a second time from the media could be
questionable).  I use the main title for my videos directory, so it
just plays it without any problems.  Otherwise, the menus can be a
pain, or just be broken.

Having the videos bomb out, and DVDs flaky definitely hurts the WAF;
as I would like to use myth for everything.


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