[mythtv-users] Many new dvd's not working

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Sun Jul 11 16:29:05 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 08:54:21AM -0700, Alan Murrell wrote:
> This is probably getting a little bit off-topic, but I'll go ahead
> for this one reply...
> On 07/11/2010 08:09 AM, Brian Wood wrote:
> >Ripping the main title to h264 in an MKV container saves a lot of space, due to better compression and no fluff. Granted
> >disk space is cheap, but it's surprising how fast a 1 TB drive can fill up.
> I hadn't actually started ripping my DVDs to hard disk just yet
> (with a couple of exceptions); part of the problem was finding tools
> within Linux that could deal reliabily with the newer discs to rip
> them to hard disk so i could then use something like HandBrake (my
> preferred tool) to get them down to what I consider a more
> reasonable size :-)
> I had never seen the mplayer -dumpstream solution before and just
> did that on my Sherlock Holmes DVD, and it worked perfectly.  Gave

   I'm glad this worked out for you. I tried a lot of different tools
early on and found mplayer to be the most reliable. I have ripped a lot 
of disks and my list of show stoppers fits on a post-it note. The "-sb" 
option that someone else posted might even work on those.

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