[mythtv-users] comcast follies

Justin Johnson justin.johnson3 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 00:59:18 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 7:47 AM, David Williams <mythtv_david at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks, everyone, for the helpful information. I reassessed the situation
> and discovered firewire is partially active. As I said in the first post the
> RNG110 shows up as a capture card on the back end setup and I discovered it
> turns on the set top box and changes channels. I also discovered that it
> generates a partial lock on live TV and while I tried all manner of setting
> permutations I could never get Pandora's Box to open and get either a
> picture or sound. Does anybody have any suggestions of a setting that will
> get past the partial lock?

What settings are you using? Are you sure that the channel is not 5C
encrypted? According to the wiki, and my experience, the RNG110 uses a
P2P connection with a speed of 400Mbps. Set the type to DCT-6200.
Don't specify a channel change script in your video connection.

> I did an abbreviated review of the HD-PVR and, if
> I get it, this is an instrument offered by Hauppauge that in some
> unfathomable way takes advantage of something called the analogue hole and
> converts a lower quality rf signal into very high quality HD.

It connects to the component output of your STB, which is capable of
carrying up to 1080i video signal. It then encodes the video in the
very excellent H.264 codec.

> Justin, I see
> where there is a capture card setting for this unit, is it fairly plug and
> play? Any gotcha's I should be aware of?

It's pretty straightforward to set up, follow the instructions here
very carefully and you should be OK. I used the 6200ch script to
change the channel via firewire (set up in the video connections
page), though I put a wrapper script around it so I could pause for a
couple seconds to allow the STB to finish changing channels. One
caveat is that the type of video encoded by the HD-PVR takes a lot of
processing power to decode, more than most CPUs can handle. I have a
dual-core 2.66GHz CPU and it cannot decode and deinterlace the full HD
video from the HD-PVR. I added a VDPAU capable card (GT220), so that's
something else you'll need to consider.

--Justin Johnson

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