[mythtv-users] Judder free playback with mythtv

Matt Beadon matt.beadon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 07:45:17 UTC 2010

> First of all, it doesn't drop to 0Hz... 0Hz just means don't change
> the existing frequency.

That's good to know.  But you understand that blank screen and a logfile
that says 0Hz sounds related?  :)
I went through the steps on the wiki and verified that my tv can handle all
the resolutions in my xorg.conf so I'm not sure why I would get a blank
screen.  Any ideas?

> Change:
> >                 Option          "UseEDIDFreqs" "False"
> to
>                  Option          "UseEDID" "False"

That has the side effect of killing my sound over hdmi.  That's a big
problem for me so I reverted back to "UseEDIDFreqs" since I couldn't find a
work around (and I'm tired).

> >
> > Section "Device"
> ...
> >                 Option                  "ModeValidation"
> "NoVesaModes, NoXServerModes"
> To:
> Option      "ModeValidation"      "NoVesaModes, NoXServerModes,
> NoEdidModes"
> >                 Option                                  "HWCursor"
> "false"
> >         Depth       24
> >                                 Modes "1920x1080 at 60" "1920x1080 at 24"
> >                                 Modes "1920x1080 at 60i" "1920x1080 at 59.94"
> "1920x1080 at 23.976"
> So remove
> "1920x1080 at 24"

I left the NoEdidModes in and removed the interlaced mode.  Quick test shows
I still have a big audio lag after switching to 24Hz but I haven't done
enough testing yet to see if the blank screen returns.  When I tested with
xrandr 24Hz displayed fine on my tv.  Do you still think I should remove
24Hz (and/or 23.976Hz) from my xorg.conf?

> from the list.. You also don't want any of the interlaced mode in
> there... it's only going to screw things as you can't easily tell the
> difference between 60i and 30p (not for the modeline that is)

My tv tells me the difference between 1080i and 1080p but don't think that's
relevant to whether the modelines look different to mythtv.  Regardless I
removed the 1080i mode.

Thanks for all your help!
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