[mythtv-users] HD PVR driver version

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Thu Jul 8 23:48:47 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 08:57 -0700, Yeechang Lee wrote:
> Matt Goebel <matt at goebelnet.com> says:
> > I upgraded last night.  I need to do a little more investigation but
> > it appears that 5.1 audio no longer works although stereo does.
> No problems with audio over S/PDIF here.

I have the same issue after a recent upgrade. The only device in the
list that lists SPDIF output says that it only supports 2.0. The sound
card I have also has analog surround outputs (which are not connected to
anything) and those do show up, but SPDIF is now stereo only.


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