[mythtv-users] Merging old database with new

Nathan Carlson nathan at dasrhombus.com
Thu Jul 8 20:54:45 UTC 2010


I recently added a new 2TB hard drive to my mythbox. I installed ubuntu and
myth, I previously had mythbuntu which I could not get boxee to work with,
as well as a numer of others. Anyway, when I tried to boot up to my new
system with my old drive the bios would hang. I determened it was a bad PCB
board, that had just happened to have failed when I took out the drive. I
then found out that mythconverge_backup was failing for the last 7 months
due to improper permissions. So the last database backup was from November
2009. Luckily all the recordings were on another drive. So, now I have a new
myth system up and running and I was able to import the old database and get
some of the recordings to show up.

My question is, what is the best way to merge the two databases? Is there a
way to import the backup and have it ignore duplicates, while leaving newly
recorded show records intact? Any experience merging databases from the

BTW I believe that they are both 0.23 database versions, so there shouldn't
be any compatibility issues there.

Thanks in advance,
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