[mythtv-users] Trunk: Recordings all vanished?

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Thu Jul 8 15:01:42 UTC 2010

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 9:24 AM, Phil Linttell
> <phil.linttell at rogers.com>wrote:
>>  I'm currently running Trunk (25279) and all my recordings have
>> all
>> disappeared from "Watch Recordings", apart from one program that
>> has
>> just finished recording.  I've verified that my recordings drive
>> is
>> mounted, and the recordings themselves can be played from mplayer.
>>  I've
>> run optimize_mythdb.pl, and restarted the back-end.... still no
>> recordings.
>> The table seems to have been wiped.  The "recorded" table in mysql
>> has
>> only the one, new, row in it.
>> Looking at "Previously Recorded" programs appears to be intact.
>> The
>> other tables appear to be fine too, as far as I can tell.
>> Videos,
>> recording rules.... all okay.
>> What's the best approach to recovering/re-populating the table?
>> The
>> last database backup was done about a week ago, as part of the
>> schema
>> upgrade from 0.23-fixes to trunk...   do I need to restore the
>> database?  Or can I just use myth.find_orphans.pl to put
>> everything back?
>> As for why the table disappeared...  I had a power failure last
>> night.... could that account for one table in a mysql database
>> vanishing?
> Yes.  I recently had a database crash of some kind while I was away
> that
> took out 14 tables in my mythconverg.  In MySQL, they are files so
> they can
> be damaged individually.  Restoring that table from backup is your
> best
> option.  I believe the official recommendation would be to restore
> the
> entire DB to it's pre-trunk upgrade state and let trunk re-do the
> schema
> upgrades, etc.
> This would also be a good time to look into some simple scripts to
> backup/dump the database regularly to another drive.
> Kevin
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Don't restore at this stage. The most likely scenario is that one or
more tables are "crashed" within the database, and they can be
easily repaired. Check out the wiki.
Mike Holden

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