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>> thank you Charles,
>>  I spoke with Cablevision CUS and he informed me that by the end of
>> February CV is going 100% digital and even for basic line-up we will have to
>> have their boxes? (and , i have no doubts, pay for them). This whole cable
>> TV  provider
>> sh%% smelss like a good old mafia. I also was informed by CV's rep that
>> they will encrypt the basic channels too.
>> I'm not sure if this is 100$ correct though.
>> Let's say that it is . In this situation what would be the best ( after
>> cutting cabel off :) ) course of action:
>>  I want to be able to record at least 2  channels and watch one.
> You'll need one tuner for every channel you want to watch/record
> simultaneously. As mentioned, you can use analog tuners to get the analog
> feed from the cablebox. Another option if you want to get your network
> channels in HD is to use an ATSC tuner and antenna. Depending on where you
> are, this can actually give you a better signal than cable. And of course,
> it's free.
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Thank you Charles.
Now i assume that this setup ( ATSC tuner and antenna) will get me free
channels that are known to be the "Basic" CV package (
. Correct?
What if i want to have more channels and no CV's box? can i get rid of the
box ? if not - what do i need to enable the functionality i talked about
Thank you
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