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Sat Jan 30 15:18:27 UTC 2010

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> thank you Charles,
>  I spoke with Cablevision CUS and he informed me that by the end of
> February CV is going 100% digital and even for basic line-up we will have to
> have their boxes? (and , i have no doubts, pay for them). This whole cable
> TV  provider
> sh%% smelss like a good old mafia. I also was informed by CV's rep that
> they will encrypt the basic channels too.
> I'm not sure if this is 100$ correct though.
> Let's say that it is . In this situation what would be the best ( after
> cutting cabel off :) ) course of action:
>  I want to be able to record at least 2  channels and watch one.

You'll need one tuner for every channel you want to watch/record
simultaneously. As mentioned, you can use analog tuners to get the analog
feed from the cablebox. Another option if you want to get your network
channels in HD is to use an ATSC tuner and antenna. Depending on where you
are, this can actually give you a better signal than cable. And of course,
it's free.
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