[mythtv-users] Too many encoders showing up / upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to 9.04

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Fri Jan 29 13:05:50 UTC 2010

Ben Edwards wrote:
> I have managed to get my mythbuntu 9.10 setup almost working.  The
> problem I am facing is it seems to detected 3 tuners when I only have
> 2.  1 and 3 are correct but 2 is not.  If myth records sceduled
> programs on 1 or 3 is works but when I go into live tv while recording
> something it tries to use 2 and times out.  How can I delete the
> eronius tuner (do I need to remove it from the database).  If I delete
> it will having 1 and 3 cause a problem or do I need  to renumber 3 to
> 2.

Choose the "Delete ALL capture cards" option and re-enter them. Enter 
them in the order you want the system to use them. Tuner 1 will always 
be used before tuner 2 etc. (Except if watching Live tv and you have 
checked the option to ... can't remember and not gonna go look.)
Deleting them one at a time is not the same and will result in even 
higher tuner numbers being assigned. You must use the Delete All option.

See, also, http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034
(says Mike)

> I am also experience another problem whitch is not Myth related but
> the solution does have a myth element.  In Mythbuntu 9.10 seems a bit
> of a step backwards in many ways.  I have been using Ubuntu right from
> the pre release version of Warty and every version has been better
> than the last but with 9.10 sound (especialy on Intel chipsets) is
> very broken.  I have had problems on 2 boxes and I know frends who are
> also experiencing problems.  Youtube playback seems also to have
> problems and suport for some usb mobile broadband devices is broken.
> On my myth box alough sound in mythfrontend is OK (alough I had to use
> a USB soundcard) I cant get it working when playing AVIs.  Ive tried
> ALSA (and used alsamixer) and OSS (/dev/dsp1) with the USB soundcard.
>  Again this only works in myth,  outside myth I can get intermitent
> sound with the USB soundcard using alsa and OSS bit it is does not
> work for long if at lall.
I could not get my sound to work at all when I upgraded from 9.04 to 
9.10 until I removed pulseaudio.


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