[mythtv-users] How can I fix over scan on nvidia 9500 GT

MythTV mythtv at ncc1701.serveftp.net
Thu Jan 28 04:37:31 UTC 2010

> BTW, I used an NVIDIA card, so it mostly took care of all the
> resolution and timing transparently, and did a very good job.  You
> might consider upgrading unless you are particularly fond of ATI for
> some reason.

Sorry, you were using nvidia... The 'AIGLX' option confused me..

> On my samsung HDTV, I had to set the input type to "PC" and the
> overscan went away.  Where I set this, appeared that all I was doing
> was setting a descriptive label, but apparently it goes deeper than
> that.  Good luck.

My TV also has the PC<->Video option.  I also set it to PC.

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