[mythtv-users] [OT] Does anyone have MythTv running on the iPad yet?

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Wed Jan 27 21:05:21 UTC 2010

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> I'm downloading the iPhone OS 3.2 sdk right now, and I've glanced
> through the API diffs. The main change in 3.2 is that there is now
> programmatic control over the media player. I presume this control is
> also extended into the built-in media playback UI as well. The reason
> this is a big deal is that OS 3.1 only has two UIs when streaming
> video. In the past, if the stream is "live" (i.e. has no end yet) you
> got three buttons: play/pause, rewind 30s, ffwd to end of stream (i.e.
> go to "live"). If you think about this, that basically makes a mythtv
> app near useless.
> However, we now have control. If the built-in UIs don't support free
> seeking in a stream, we can make our own UIs because there are API
> calls to programmatically do so. The remaining question is: do these
> API calls work in a live stream? It's possible that we still only have
> seek control in a non-live stream. I wouldn't put it past Apple to
> have done this, as annoying as it would be. We'll have to wait and see
> because there's no beta images to install on a real device yet
> (there's only an sdk). Maybe the SDK will give us an idea as to what's
> possible through the simulator, maybe not.
> So where does that leave us with MythTV?
> All the above assumes you stream to the iPhone using HTTP Live
> Streaming. This entails segmenting the video stream into smaller files
> and having an index file to keep track of them all. This can get
> really annoying from an administrative standpoint unless we get the
> ability to group files with their recordings in MythTV. For example,
> when a recording is deleted, I want transcoded HTTP Live Streaming
> files for that recording deleted as well. I know there was talk at one
> point about MythTV acquiring this functionality, but I don't know what
> has happened since.
> So that's it from me for right now. I'm going to continue to play with
> the SDK to see what's possible.
> Thanks,
> Chase

OT but when's 3.2 due to be released? 
I hoping this will fix some of my phones issues, which I think are software
related, otherwise I've have to deal with making an insurance claim :(



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