[mythtv-users] Sudden HDHomeRun signal quality degradation on Charter Cable

genestapp at charter.net genestapp at charter.net
Tue Jan 26 04:27:18 UTC 2010

> On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 5:50 PM, J-e-f-f-A MythTV <jeffa.myth at gmail.com> 
>> Perhaps Charter moved the channels to a different location?  The cableco 
>> set-top-boxes will automatically adjust to channel movements.  Your Myth box 
>> won't pick up on changes unless you re-scan. 
>> So I'm thinking a re-scan will find them again in their new location... 
>> J-e-f-f-A 
>> _______________________________________________ 

Not sure if my previous message got through as I got a bounce back. Anyway I work for Charter and there han't been any recent channel migrations that I can find in the MA area. What is your zip code and i'll dig a little deeper.


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